Gone are the days of 5 o’clock shadows on your legs, underarms or anywhere you don’t want hair! Enter the world of Sirius Day Spa’s “stubble free zone”. Our gentle expert wax technicians will treat you with TLC and promise to make it quick, leaving your skin nourished and extra soft!
Sirius Day Spa Eyebrow Waxing
Leg Waxing Treatment
Shaving everyday is not only a nuisance, your hair starts showing up again in no time at all because it was removed from the surface of the skin. Shaving often leaves you with painful nicks, cuts and razor burn. Laser hair removal is not only expensive it isn’t effective on many hair colors, textures and types of skin. Those home remedies for hair removal are a mess; they smell and often don’t work. Waxing does, and its fast, easy, and affordable. PLUS the more you do it the less dense and finer your hair will become. In fact, if your hair is waxed frequently enough it can weaken the follicles and cause permanent loss of hair. Your beautiful skin will also feel silky smooth because the hair is removed from the root and your skin is exfoliated in the waxing process.

Large areas or small, it’s time to banish unwanted hair. What are you waiting for?


• Hair will take much longer to grow back than it does with shaving
• Skin Exfoliation
• When your hair does grow back it’s thinner and lighter
• You can wax virtually every area of your body. Legs, arms, back, lip, bikini and more
• No more wasted time shaving every day and no more cuts, nicks or razor burn
• It’s for men too