The DIAMOND MICRODERMABRASION SYSTEM is a state of the art resurfacing treatment that is proven to be most effective for the reduction of minor to moderate wrinkles, sun damaged skin, age spots, reduction of acne scarring & other minor scar revisions, hyperpigmentation, reduction of oily skin, extraction of blackheads & whiteheads, blending of cosmetic surgery or laser treatments and the rejuvenation of your overall skin health. And unlike invasive laser treatments, chemical peels and surgery, the best part about the Diamond Microdermabrasion System is NO DOWN TIME!
The advanced DIAMOND MICRODERMABRASION SYSTEM replaces the micro-crystal flow of the past with a sterile diamond tip wand that is crystal FREE so you are free of irritation and loose particles that often caused damage to the eye or the risk of ingestion. Using the diamond tip wands allows your professional Sirius Day Spa esthetician to work closer to the eye and mouth areas and to be more accurate WITH NO RISK!

Your treatments will be customized just for you so you can expect the best results.


HIGH FREQUENCY - Stimulates circulation, increases glandular activity & metabolism, and aids in elimination & deeper penetration of products into the skin. High frequency protocol is most often used in the treatment of acne & skin infections.

GALVANIC CURRENT PULLING - Applies the principle of positive & negative sonic vibrations to introduce nutrition into the skin, harmonize your skin’s degree of acid & alkali & accelerate its circulation. Galvanic protocol is most often used for reduction of fine lines leaving the skin firm and smooth.

ULTRASONIC VIBRATIONS – These acoustic vibrations stimulate your skin, improve its cell membranes and cause collagen regeneration. They also generate frictional heat to accelerate circulation, help muscles relax and decompose cellulite for deeper product penetration into your skin. Ultrasonic protocol is most often used to reduce wrinkles & fine lines for younger looking & feeling skin.

BENEFITS OF Diamond Microdermabrasion

Microdermabrasion is just a cosmetic treatment procedure that usually holds appeal for all types skin and different ages. The advantages of Microdermabrasion are appreciated by most people who need to refresh their skin appearance without an invasive procedure for the least time possible.

Not Invasive
This process tackles flaws at the skin surface levels by treating its outermost layer. According to the American Society of Plastic Surgeons, the treatments are delivered through hand-held devices which send very tiny crystals over the surface of the skin. All types of Microdermabrasion removes the surface layer, specifically for the dead skin cells, via gentle exfoliation. As a result, it’s not invasive, and your skin isn’t abraded or wounded past the epidermis.

It’s Quick
Another advantage of Microdermabrasion process is that it’s fast. According to research conducted by Academy of Dermatology, it usually takes less than one hour. The face treatment takes approximately thirty minutes, and the neck treatment takes around twenty minutes. You may require various sessions, especially if you want to attain optimal results. However, most people need only two sessions per month.

Perfect for all skin types
The Microdermabrasion procedure is ideal for all cosmetic issues associated with an aging skin like age spot, sun damage, and any other kind of discoloration as well as fine lines that usually occur early. It also helps those people who have oily skins by reducing all acne scarring. It is a treatment that can be beneficial to the blemished skin surface. In fact, a single Microdermabrasion treatment is excellent, especially when you have a special occasion on your calendar and need your skin appear more refreshed and healthy.

Efficient and Safe
In the hands of an experienced professional dermatologist or even a cosmetic surgeon, the treatment is more reliable compared to home Microdermabrasion services or kits delivered at salons and spas. Such services lack medical oversight. Therefore, it’s wise to seek services of an experienced, qualified medical professional, precisely to avoid any potential complication and of course, attain an optimal result from the treatment.